Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. How should a historian depict a Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling by [Bushman, Richard L. ]. Read Joseph Smith PDF - Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Lyman Bushman Vintage | Founder of the largest indigenous Christian church in. I own both of these books, and have started reading them. However I am going on a plane this weekend and really don't want to lug the actual.

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    Rough Stone Rolling Pdf

    Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Lyman Bushman. (review). Glenna R. Schroeder-Lein. Ohio Valley History, Volume 8, Number 1, Spring Rough Stone Rolling, the award-winning biography of Joseph Smith. Some believing Latter-day Saints have found the book troublesome, perhaps mis-. Not for Tourists: Richard Bushman's Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling. Section and Issue. Review Essay. from PDF (Download). $ Download PDF.

    Richard L. Esplin and Dean C. He has been appointed Howard W. Hunter visiting professor at Claremont Graduate University for — He received his B.

    Hcnvevcr, contemporaries soon realized that Joseph meant very different things when he cited Scripture. Christians then and since have been appalled by Smith' s interpretatic , i of God as simply the first in u progression, so that humans may also become gcxis, as well as Smith' s revision , ind exp, insion of the Bible.

    And secular society as well as many Mormons became increasingly upset when t]e. Iciseph, however , revealed the doctrine ot-plural marriage secretly only to a limited number of followers befi, re his death. Still, he managed k, acclitire between nventycght and thirtythree wives himself, much to the distress ot his first wife Emma.

    Bushman presents Smith' s story in a largely chronological fashion. None of them secnied able tc find spiritual satist-, ICtion in any of the lt, cal churches. In fall, Bushm, suggests that. In tlic e: It that location. Although Joseph visited all of these places, he lived at Kirtl: Indeed, Joseph's ruthless supliression cit an opliosition Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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    Re: Rough Stone Rolling - Best Deal??

    Bushman is providing fuel for the enemy, he wrote, "The problem with the fuel-for-enemies objection is that the fuel is already there. I don't provide it. We have to deal with it or it will be used against us. He also said, "I worry about the young Latter-day Saints who learn only about the saintly Joseph and are shocked to discover his failings. The problem is that they may lose faith in the entire teaching system that brought them along.

    Download Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling By Richard Lyman Bushman PDF

    If their teachers covered up Joseph Smith's flaws, what else are they hiding? Again, this book increased my testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel, the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and the prophetic call of the Lord's prophet who was to usher in the dispensation of the fulness of times, the Prophet Joseph Smith.

    This book reminds me of a newspaper describing someone saving a child from drowning thus In other words a very innavurate history of the life of Joseph Smith.

    That which does edify is darkness. This book is clever dark and altogether unedifying. One could argue this is a well researched, honest portrayal, written by a scholar of impeccable integrity, that also qualifies as an anti-Mormon book - or at least anti your father's Mormon church. This is not the history of your father's Mormon church as there are many aspects your father would have scoffed at. It is a history that is bound to change you if you are a church member. Whatever those changes, they will in a large measure define who you are.

    My biggest frustration was in not having explanations from Joseph on some of the most important aspects of his history. I found new meaning in the book's title. This is an uncomfortable read. And as the gospel rolls forth as a stone cut from the mountain without hands, there will be some rough aspects to deal with. Do NOT base your download on the words of those who rate this book at a one or two star rating.

    This book is gold.

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    A reader has failed to capture the arguments of Dr. Bushman if they think he's trying to present Joseph in a negative light.

    These people are stuck in the false paradigm that Joseph and his family had to have been perfect, although the church clearly doesn't make any similar statements. He was imperfect, and that's fine. His imperfections don't detract from his holy prophethood. This book actually argues in Joseph's behalf despite his imperfections.

    Controversial topics from his life are explained through a cultural lense, proving that Joseph was as much a product of his culture as Moses would have been a polytheistic product of Egypt, and had to change his ways and beliefs when he received the truth. If you are willing to read carefully and faithfully, this is the best book on Joseph Smith available to you.

    It provides more information about Joseph's life and work than Lucy Mack Smith's history--which barely provides the framework to Joseph's prophethood and work. It provides broader perspective of Joseph as a man than George Cannon's biography--which is considered by many as the best resource on the details of Joseph's labors.

    And it gives enough chronological understanding to enable a serious reader to put the Joseph Smith Papers into their proper contexts. My only warning is the following: I don't view this book as a median for obtaining a testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet. That "median" is the scriptural canon--particularly the Book of Mormon.

    Buy for others

    I imagine this book is only faith-promoting to those who have studied the scriptures particularly the Old Testament and are capable of grasping the concept and truth that God qualifies those who He calls--as our current leaders have taught so wonderfully--and that He works in mysterious ways to bring forth His kingdom. Very intriguing and well written. Bushman's portrait of Joseph Smith gave this prophet of the restoration some much needed dimension.

    Far less than the relative demigod he is often portrayed as in church materials, Joseph was a man, as imperfect as every other man, and every other prophet ever called.

    He had some wholly human faults that didn't help the church at times, but he was also an extremely giving and compassionate man that tried to do what he felt he should.

    Results were not always positive, and for much of his life, debt was an ever present noose about his and the church's neck. I found Bushman's account to be extraordinarily even handed, full of criticism, extrapolation, and understanding. I greatly appreciated the contextual details he gave to the period, and was shocked and amazed by some things, such as how citizens' Constitutional rights could be so severely trod upon in favor of states' rights, and how early on the party system became corrupted in the U.

    All LDS church members should read this book to better understand the restoration and the origins of our faith, and the man who started it all. If you would like a book that uses much speculation, and broad suppositions to try to show how human, weak, and fallible Joseph Smith and his family were, then this is the book for you.

    I would agree with President Packer, who spoke of the dangers of trying to prove that the prophets are only men. Richard Bushman would definitely fit into that category. I have read through this book twice and every time I opened the book I learned something new that expanded my testimony and opened me up to new areas of study.

    This is a history book. I would not recommend this to everyone.

    If you want a testimony of the Prophetic call of Joseph Smith, there are many other books that will instill that testimony. Once you have a testimony of that truth, this book will strengthen your understanding of how he came to be the great man that he was. It's was an amazing journey reading this book. I got to know the real Joseph Smith, the flawed man.

    We've all received accounts of Joseph Smith throughout our lives. These accounts were subject to the interpretations and failings of those who gave us those accounts. I know I based my testimony on many of those stories. This book will give you the real Joseph Smith and allow you to contrast that knowledge with what you were taught as a child. It will affect your testimony, and you will have to rebuild it based upon the new knowledge you will receive.

    Then, your testimony will be built upon the real Joseph Smith, and not on the highly romanticized versions you heard as a child.

    It will allow you to get even closer to our faith and its principles. I'm so happy Deseret Book carries this book. I've read this book twice, and it's really helped me understand and appreciate Joseph Smith: Thanks Richard Bushman!

    I hope the lesson manuals at church start to reflect this sort of history. I think it would help a lot of people who are silently dealing with hard questions.

    As a missionary serving in the south I was confronted with anti-mormon literature constantly from people of other faiths. I have read many books about the prophet, each finding some new aspect or insight into his life but I must say this book presents a historical perspective unlike any other book about the prophet. Bushman does quote many other authors, even Anti-Mormons in the perspective times, but it allows for the reader to be taken back into a completely different time and understanding of America and its culture as well as an understanding of Joseph's pressures as an untutored boy rising to greatness.

    A sometimes hard read but I recommend the book because it answered questions for me that could only be answered the way Bushman does. Joseph Smith was indeed a rough stone rolling and was sculpted from an obscure boy to become a mighty prophet of God.

    This is likely the best historical and balanced study on Joseph Smith's life in print. Richard Bushman as a historian strives for greater historical objectivity than is available from many other works about the Prophet, yet maintains his position as a faithful member with an active testimony Bushman is a current patriarch and former Stake President.

    It does not shirk from providing a comprehensive view of the Prophet, including many facets that made Joseph human. This is not the "Primary" version of Joseph's history -- those having no interest in the human side of Joseph or those unable to tolerate some of puzzling aspects of early Church history including plural marriage may be better served by other books that take a more selective approach. However, those genuinely interested in a full rendering of the man and Prophet can find no better volume.

    Although some have used Bushman's biography as a scapegoat to leave the church, any damage done by this book is simply due to unrealistic expectations of Joesph Smith.

    Bushman presents an honest and fair portrait of the Prophet, admitting his bias as a church member, and explores not only Smith's life through letters, journals, and the accounts of others, but discusses key doctrines of the restoration as outlined in the Doctrine and Covenants. I find the academic approach refreshing and I don't feel Bushman reveals anything about Smith's life for shock value as many others do , nor does he sympathize with anti-mormon views; rather, he builds credibility by including multiple perspectives, both positive and negative.

    Ultimately, Bushman prevails because he presents multiple views of the prophet, demands for an in depth look at Smith's life, and lets the reader decide for themselves. The author is a Harvard Ph. This book presents a detailed historical analysis of Joseph Smith.

    The book does not seek to increase or destroy the reader's testimony. It just seeks to tell the historical story of Joseph Smith as it happened.

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