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Fighting Fantasy, the series of single-player roleplaying gamebooks A quick look back: Fighting Fantasy was one of the first, and Download a Free Ebook of John Scalzi's The Collapsing Empire Before March 16, !. One Fighting Fantasy e-Book has been made from a Fighting Fantasy gamebook, the book being The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. This was licensed to Proporta in July and is an interactive version of the book written for the Palm Pilot Operating System. The Warlock of Firetop. Ready your sword, pack your provisions and prepare to embark upon quests in which YOU are the hero! Choose what happens at every turn of the page with.

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Fighting Fantasy Ebook

A collection of fan-written Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, many of which can be played online. A world of adventure awaits you within every Fighting Fantasy adventure gamebook. A range of collector's colouring books are available from Snowbooks. Fighting Fantasy is a series of single-player roleplay gamebooks created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. The first volume in the series was published by.

This system is based on skills , here called "Special Skills". The game features neither classes nor levels. A player character , called Hero, is defined by: four characteristics : Skill, Stamina, Luck, Magic; they range from 7 to 12 except for Stamina which ranges ; his race: Human, Dwarf, Elf; a set of special skills: Combat, Movement, Stealth, Knowledge and Magical special skills; special skill values usually range from 0 to 4; a few Talents, which are special features such as Animalfriend, Natural Mage, Robust, Weaponmaster… a Social Class, from 0 beggar, criminal to 10 king. The creation of a Hero starts with the choice of a "concept", e. Unlike the gamebooks, the characteristics and special skills are not rolled but are bought with creation points. The rules provide archetypes which allow a fast creation: Adventurer, Archer, Barbarian, Priest of Telak, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard… There are three types of tests: unopposed test: a roll of two six-sided dice 2d6 must be less than the sum of a characteristic usually Skill, sometimes Magic and a special skill; this is an extension of the Skill tests of the gamebooks; opposed tests: each character roll 2d6 and adds Skill and a special skill, the highest wins; this is an extension of the combat procedure of the gamebooks; Luck test: same as the gamebooks rule. The rules provide difficulty adjustments for given situations e. The combat rules are the same as the gamebooks', except that the points of damage Stamina loss are determined randomly: the attacker rolls 1d6 and reads the points of damage on a table one for each weapon , the defender does the same to apply the damage reduction from his armour. There are a few combat options: Luck test to increase or reduce the damages, surprise, feint… A spellcaster must have a least 1 in the Magic characteristic and one point in one special skill: Magic-Minor, Magic-Priestly, Magic-Sorcery or Magic-Wizardry. There are three types of magic: Minor magic: the Cantrips are easy-to-cast spells with limited effects; Religion: each god bestows his priests three general powers the same three for all his priests and one specific power; Sorcery: this type of magic was created in the Old World, and does not draw its energy from the surrounding environment but from the sorcerer's own Stamina, and from material components; this is the adaptation of the magic system of the Sorcery! The Advanced Fighting Fantasy system original publication [ edit ] Title.

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See All. Add all DLC to Cart. What better way to spend your holidays than adventuring? Take advantage of our Winter Sale! Check out the festive bargains here: About This Game Ready your sword, pack your provisions and prepare to embark upon nostalgic quests of epic proportions where YOU choose what happens next!

Fighting Fantasy Computer Games

Journey a magical realm, fighting monsters and unravelling mysteries in Fighting Fantasy Classics — text-based roleplaying adventures remastered. Make the gamebooks as easy or hard as you like and even turn on a special 'Free Read' mode to play the book like an old-school cheater! Map feature makes it easy to keep track of everywhere you have explored during current and previous playthroughs. Unlimited Bookmarks allow you to revisit difficult sections as many times as desired.

All viewable through a collectable artwork gallery.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Automated Adventure Sheet that keeps track of your stats, inventory and knowledge gained during your journey. Specially composed, atmospheric soundtrack and effects. History of Fighting Fantasy and Rulebook titles, included as free books on the shelf for all players. Traverse the realm of Allansia, using your might and magic to hunt down evil demisorcers. Brave the dangers of Darkwood Forest to help save a doomed village of dwarves.

Seek vengeance from the Pirate Lord who murdered your family and destroyed your life many moons ago. Save a port-town from the wrath of an undead lord and his ghostly hound minions! System Requirements Windows. Windows 7 Processor: Broadband Internet connection Storage: Mac OS See all. View all. Click here to see them. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:.

Recent Reviews:. Review Type. Date Range. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar. Show graph. Display As: The Magic Quest was eventually accepted by Penguin Books , although the authors devoted a further six months to expanding and improving upon the original concept.

The end result was The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, and after several rewrites, the book was accepted and published in under Penguin's children's imprint, Puffin Books. Following the success of the first Fighting Fantasy title,[4] Jackson and Livingstone began writing individually to create additional Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

Jackson and Livingstone, however, continued to be involved and approved all cover and internal illustrations within the UK. Covers were rarely consistent and due to printing errors[6] and different markets[5] many different versions exist.

Fighting Fantasy | World Library - eBooks | Read eBooks online

The books also featured dice images at the bottom of each page, making it possible for the player to randomly "flick" through the pages for the equivalent of a dice roll. The Fighting Fantasy titles published by Wizard Books use the same device. Although the Fighting Fantasy titles had successful sales[4][11] the increasing dominance of video games in the s caused a gradual decline. The series was scheduled to conclude with Return to Firetop Mountain Book 50, Livingstone, , but due to increased sales ten more books were written.

Nine were published, the series ending with the Curse of the Mummy The tenth title Bloodbones Book 60 in the overall series numbering , was eventually published by Wizard Books.

In , Fighting Fantasy was reworked into a multiplayer system referred to as Advanced Fighting Fantasy, with a number of support titles explaining the concept. In , Wizard Books acquired the rights to the Fighting Fantasy series and reprinted many of the original titles in a revised order to fit the reduced number of books initially only the gamebooks by Jackson and Livingstone were published and to incorporate the Sorcery! Wizard Books has since released several new titles[13] including Blood of the Zombies by Ian Livingstone to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary in It was published from and ran for 13 issues.

In , Steve Jackson wrote a picture gamebook with the title Tasks of Tantalon, in which the player was required to solve a series of puzzles which were presented as large, full colour pictures containing hidden clues to be located and assembled. In , a Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook a diary with articles, trivia and a gamebook complete with a boxed set of dice and character sheets was published. In , Super Team Film Prods secured the rights to House of Hell , with the intention to make a motion picture based on the title.

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