Fallen Too FarCopyright © by Abbi Glines All rights reserved. Bibliophile Published by Abbi Glines County Road 13 Fairhope, AL Acknowledgments This book would have never made it to publication without the following people reading it and giving me invaluable. 'Every time I read one of Abbi's books, I declare it my new favorite. Fallen Too Far was no exception, because it now tops the list as my all-time favorite Abbi Glines book.' “Fallen Too Far is a bold, stunning, sexy coming-of-age story and epic romance that will take your breath. Description TheNew York Times bestselling novel that launched the beloved world of Rosemary Beach and introduced the world to Rush and Blaire. The last thing Blaire Wynn wants is to move in with her father’s new family in Rosemary Beach, Florida. Will she find out what he’s.

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    Fallen Too Far book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. To want what you're not supposed to have She is only nineteen. Rosemary Beach series books , Too Far series books , Chance series books , Perfection series books by Abbi Glines 1) Fallen. Read Fallen Too Far (Too Far #1) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc , Mobile. Fallen Too Far is a Young Adult novel by Abbi Glines.

    Having cared for her sick mother for the last three years, suddenly Blaire has to leave the small farmhouse in Alabama they shared, to move in with her father and his new wife in their sprawling beach house along the Florida gulf coast. But what she isn't prepared for is the lifestyle change that comes with the move, and she knows she'll never fit into the new world of luxury and extravagance that suddenly surrounds her. Even worse, her father has run off to Paris for the summer with his wife, leaving her stranded with Rush, her new stepbrother, who's irritating, arrogant and… seriously sexy. Rush is as spoiled as he is gorgeous; his famous father's guilt money, his mother's desperation to win his love, and his charm are the three reasons he has never been told no. Blaire knows he is anything but good for her, but somehow she can't fight the attraction she's feeling, especially when she starts to think the attraction might be mutual… Rush is jaded and has secrets Blaire knows she may never uncover but even knowing all of that Blaire just may have fallen too far.

    And then the snail tray thing and his reaction! This is mine. My heart just broke!!!! I kept flipping the last page over and over again as if somehow it would magically make more words appear!

    But ooohhh I loved this one! I really did! So much!! Abbi Glines, once my heart recovers, you have yourself a new fan!

    Now I know a lot of you want to know about the cliffhanger. No, it has nothing to do with cheating. It was a quick read and definitely became a fav. View all 64 comments. The story picked up momentum immediately and never once faltered in its intensity. Abbi has done an amazing job in taking a commonly used, but highly sought after plot— sexy bad-boy meets innocent virgin good-girl —and transforming it into something unique and genuine.

    Blaire and Rush have a smoldering connection that becomes evident instantly. Once again, this author proves that she can create and sustain sexual tension like no other—and the steam factor is off-the-damn-charts incredible!

    With many romance novels, I find that the numerous love scenes tend to become over-played and monotonous—doing nothing to enhance the actual story. The opposite is true for this author; her scenes are fun and fresh, wonderfully descriptive and uncontrollably toe curling!

    Fallen Too Far Pdf English 25 · GitBook (Legacy)

    The plot twist was an interesting and surprising addition. I always love when a story can throw a curve ball that I didn't see coming and I appreciated how this bend in the plot was tackled; believable and not over-the-top. It wasn't. A lot of readers are worried about this story's cliffhanger and I can only speak for myself when I say that it's an understandable one and doable, for the most part.

    That said, I'm very happy that wait for book two will soon be over! Very sweet and sexy read! Book Stats: Extremely steamy! Initial tension, sexy bickering, passionate connection. Brooding, arrogant alpha. Sweet but strong heroine. Quick paced, addictive story with a twist.

    Engaging and fun. First person: Moderate but doable. Follow up, continuing books in series. View all comments. Who ends a book like that???? The author managed to leave me in an emotional strong hold once I finished reading and now I am in desperate need for book 2. The one person she has come to not be able to rely on in her life. Her dad walked out on her and her mother years ago. But you know the old adage desperate times call for desperate measures.

    And right now Blaire is desperate. After her mothers death she had to sale everything of value including her grandmothers home in which she lived in Alabama. Her father has since remarried and moved to Florida. Once Blaire arrives at his new home she is surprised by what she finds; and by who she finds. Blaire had no clue that she had a stepbrother. She also had no clue that her dad was living it up in a swanky beach house with his new wife and stepson.

    But that's not the kicker The kicker that leaves her even more bewildered is when she finds out that her dad is out of the country with his wife. When he knew damn well she was on her way to see him.

    Rush is not at all very welcoming to Blaire. He puts her in a room under the stairs that is used by the maid. He makes her feel as if she is of no importance and that he must deal with her until he hears from her dad. But Blaire has her own plan. Get a job then get the hell out of the beach house as soon as humanly possible. Rush is a playboy. The son of a rock star and he lives out his role to the fullest.

    Though Rush may play cool he is not however as immune to the sweet and innocent Blaire as he led her believe. In fact she get's completely under his skin.

    I wish you were. I hate it. Someone that was available. It was the only way I was going to keep from falling too far. Soon Lines are crossed as they give in to temptation. I was terrified. The more I watched you the more you drew me in. My Thoughts This book left me emotionally spent. I loved Blaire she was so sweet and kickass at the same time. She was beautiful inside and out and I think that is one of the reasons why Rush could not help but fall in love with her.

    The writing was good. The story had a great build to the final scene.

    Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines [PDF] [Epub] [Mobi]

    The story also had great secondary characters. I found Woods, Grant and Bethy very entertaining. Dear Readers I gave this book 4 stars because it held my attention, gave me lot's of angst, a sexy romance, great secondary characters and a finale that will leave you STUNNED. Read it!!! Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! For more reviews got to http: View all 55 comments.

    Dec 15, Miss H rated it it was ok Shelves: I didn't love it, but I certainly didn't hate it, either. One of my main gripes about this book was the horribly bad editing. It was distracting and took away from the story. There were missing commas, run-ons, and sentences that read awkwardly enough to give me pause. You can 2. A period is needed as a separator between the action and the dialogue, not a comma.

    Moving on. I felt like there was far too much telling and not enough showing. That kind of redundancy is exasperating. I got it the first time, thanks. He was an asshole, a liar, and a manwhore, none of which helped to endear him to me.

    He went out of his way to make sure that Blaire understood that she was unwanted, that he was merely tolerating her presence. He made false assumptions about her and used those same assumptions to excuse away his atrocious behavior. He had no business pursuing anything with Blaire, not with all the secrets he was keeping. For a smart girl, she sure was dumb. In the beginning, I thought she was strong, independent, and kind of feisty, but all of that changed rather quickly. She became too much of a martyr.

    She had no backbone and was a doormat for most of the book, although she redeemed herself somewhat at the end. I mean, this man-child publicly kicked her out of his house on the first night she met him, but all she could focus on was how beautiful he was. Blaire fell too hard, too fast.

    Their love was rushed, for lack of a better word, and felt superficial to me. It didn't make sense. View all 25 comments. Feb 27, Dd rated it really liked it. She is a beautiful damsel in distress But is he her knight in shining armour?? He might be,he might not. It does not matter because she is falling for his charms, falling for his caring side.

    Falling for the rush only he can give her. She is falling for this intriguing and very bad boy. And she might just have Nan -- Can't you get rid of all the venom She is a beautiful damsel in distress Nan -- Can't you get rid of all the venom and see that she is innocent?

    Abe -- I hate you. You are a pathetic excuse for a lover,husband and father. Rush -- You idiot!!! Why the hell didn't you tell her all that sooner? Blaire -- Damn girl,don't do this!!! Sorry,I usually rant in the end,but by now nearly everyone has already read this book.

    So I figured it won't hurt. And now I know why everyone raves about this. This is good. I like that Blair is strong,independent and does not whine. Though she is a bit naive too. I can say that I admire her loyalty. But I hope she will listen to others once she calms down. Now Rush,I am a sucker for guys like this.

    I mean who isn't. Hot,bad boys with an even badder attitude!! So, Rush Crush Club The story was fast paced and easy to read. Though I would have appreciated a little more insight on the characters and a greater bonding with them. She had devoted her life to taking care of her sick mother. Her father had left them years ago. So after her mother passes away,she is left with nothing.

    With no money or family,she calls her father and asks for a place to stay till she can get a job. She arrives at Rosemary Beach,Florida. And instead of her father,meets with And then Readers Eyes meet, oh my, sparks fly, heat level booms As I said it's good,very good. Never Too Far is out!! So I'm going to rush to get Rush That's all for now,Readers.

    View all 75 comments.

    Fallen Too Far

    Oct 09, Jenny Levine rated it it was amazing Shelves: First of all, let me just get this out of my system. Okay, now that I've let it all out, off to my review Fallen Too Far The book is as beautiful as it's cover.

    The story is about Blaire who after the demise of her mother, seeked help from the person who hasn't been there for her her whole life, her father. When she came to the address he sent, guess what? Her father's not there! The one who welcomed her or not? But living with him isn't going to be easy. And thus, their story begin Reading this has been an emotional one.

    I've fallen too far and too deep I admit at the first chapter, I was like Team Grant!!! He was the one who first met Blaire and I really thought there's gonna be a love triangle. He was just so sweet, the complete opposite of Rush.

    I don't like Rush at first but when the story progressed, he turned out to be a great person. Of course, there's a villain in the story who goes by the name of Nan who is such a BITCH, I just wanna slap her and her posse for giving Blaire such a hard time view spoiler [ She has her reasons though, which will be revealed at the last chapter of the book, and that's when I understood her hide spoiler ].

    Sometimes, it's Blaire I wanna put some sense into. A badass heroine! But, reading the next chapters, I realized, she isn't that tough. Oh well, view spoiler [ she did stood up for herself though at nearly the end part of the book hide spoiler ] Okay, moving on I love how the story went on, at first, Rush ignoring his feelings for Blaire, but when he couldn't take it anymore, WOW!!!

    These two are a perfect pair! I love their moments together and love scenes , which really showed Rush's sweet side. A lot. Only with you Blaire. We are going to talk first. I want to see you smile and laugh. I want to know what your favorite show was when you were a kid and who made you cry at school and what boy band you hung posters of on your wall. Then I want you naked in my bed again.

    The inevitable happened! Secrets and LIES have been revealed, and it was one helluva drama-filled scene. So emotional. I'm just like: I know it was bound to happen, but not like that. It took me a long time to write this review because I still can't get over the last chapter of the book. It was just so intense and tear-jerking.

    Rush flinched from my words. I would not allow myself to feel for him. He was not saying that. I shook my head. I was not hearing this. He did not love me. He was what made me want to stay.

    You hate that it ended that way Now, off to find a standalone book with an HEA to read. View all 74 comments. Dec 13, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: Blaire -- Rush -- She's a young, unexperienced girl who's been hurt more than once by the people she loved. He's a typical bad boy They are each others stepbrother and stepsister and therefore a recipe for disaster When I first started reading Fallen Too Far I expected it to be an easy, fun story without too much drama and at first, it was just that.

    But then there was suddenly a highly emotional turn of events that managed to keep me hooked until the very last page. Needless to say, I was unable to put it down and ended up finishing the book in one sitting Fallen Too Far is the story of the nineteen year old girl named Blaire Wynn.

    For the past three years of her life she's been taking care of her sick mother without the help of anyone but herself. Her father left their family after Blaire's twin sister died in a car accident and he hasn't returned ever since.

    Now that her mother passed away and Blaire has no money left because of all the medical bills, she has no one to turn but her father He allows her to stay at his house in Florida but when Blaire arrives there, her father has run off to Paris with his new wife.

    Instead, Blaire is faced with her new stepbrother It's immediately obvious that Rush and Blaire are from two completely different worlds; he's spoiled, a little condescending and he's used to always getting what he wants. Now all he wants, is Blaire but he also knows he might not be the right kind of guy for her I don't kiss and cuddle.

    It's all about the sex for me. You aren't meant for someone like me. I've never denied myself something I want. But you're too sweet. This time I have to tell myself no.

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    And as much as Rush tries to play it cool, Blaire slowly but surely manages to get under his skin. I'll admit I was immediately drawn to you because you're gorgeous.

    It was breathtaking. It was the most amazing sound I'd ever heard. You were so honest and determined. You didn't whine or complain. You took what life handed to you and worked with it.

    I wasn't used to that. Every time I watched you, every time I was near you I fell a little more. But just when things seems to be going in the right direction Holy revelations! Secrets and lies are revealed that might shatter their entire lives apart The love wasn't enough. At first, I honestly didn't like his character all that much. He was just a typical bad boy who thought he was better than Blaire just because he had more money.

    But after a while we got to see a whole other side of him and I started to like him more and more plus the guy was HOT, no getting around that fact Blaire, on the other hand, I loved her from the start. Overall, they were both very refreshing and interesting characters that made reading the story even better.

    As for the ending of the story, I have to warn you, it's kind of dramatic and it will leave you desperate to find out what happens next. After the book endedI just felt like "This is it?? First there was disbelief - Then there was despair - And after that there was nothing Although I have to admit, it was also a good thing the story ended that way, because now I'm even more anxious to read the next part of this very entertaining series. I can't wait to find out how the story of Rush and Blaire continues Future readers won't have to worry about the cliffhanger anymore because the second book will be released very soon!

    View all 93 comments. Dec 30, Claudia B. I just cannot seem to find what's so amazeballs about her books when all I find in them is just beautiful. The main character, Blaire, was just so stupid I can't even decribe it. And Rush, the male lead, was so full of shit.

    I wanted to kick his ass during the entire book My God, I hated this book. I did. And nothing will change my mind. This is just one big hot mess. Starting with Rush's mood swings that had me all mad and confused and followed by Blaire's stupidity of falling for a guy who has sex with a different girl every night.

    But that's the normal part of the story. Blaire SAW Rush have sex with another gir. That's normal, right? And the ending was a big, fat WTF. I don't really want to say too much because, you know, spoilers and all that. View all 12 comments. When you are all alone in the world, hopeless and despaired? Blaire Wynn The nineteen year old girl has lost everything.

    A car accident took away her twin sister. She lost her mother to cancer, after sacrificing her future taking care of her. And now she has to turn to her deadbeat, coward father to find a place a stay, a new start in her life.

    But life deals her another unexpected hand. Instead of her father she finds his stepson.

    His parents never married. His mother, Georgianna, was a groupie back in the day. A bad boy, womanizer, cynical bastard that tries to hide a heart full of hurt and vulnerability. Mysterious, perfect, wounded and confusing man. He wants her but he is afraid that he will taint her, ruin her and that she will find out the secrets they are harbouring and they will destroy the fragile balance she managed to maintain. And in the end you would never forgive me. A love stronger than both of them but will it be stronger than the lies and deceit?

    Holy freaking Hell A beautiful emotional story that destroyed me and broke my heart. Nan, I hate you! I completely loathe you. I have an aversion to uppity bitches, but you made me allergic to them And then the ending kinda destroyed me I admire every single one of you that survived this cliffhanger!!! Already started the next December I was warned about this book: So far, the genre has offered none of the maturity or complexities of the liminal period between teen years and full-on adulthood, instead preferring what merely amount to college age erotic romances with a hefty side dish of misogyny.

    Indeed, the frequency with which sexist portrayals of women and relationships appear throughout works labelled New Adult suggests that the pair go hand in hand. She needs a job to make enough money to get a place for herself. The book is set in America. We currently live in a world of falling living standards, rising unemployment and a widening gap between the working and middle classes.

    This applies not only to USA but to most of what is known as the developed world. Blaire is a 19 year old high school dropout with a GED and some brief experience in a couple of after school jobs. She literally walks into this place, says she wants a job and is given one with barely any questions asked. This bugged me for a number of reasons, the main one being that it was insultingly unrealistic.

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